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Effortless Chic - Bohemian, yet Practical

Linda Barker, Middle England’s most trusted face among interior designers, has a down to earth and inspiring television presence. Linda likes the ‘lived-in’ look, with no rigid rules or boundaries – something for every room and every pocket.

As seen on TV…

Linda Barker is the face of ITV for home interiors. Her TV coverage includes 10 years of 10m+ viewers on Changing Rooms, and many home interior shows from House Invaders to Building the Dream. Linda is a regular writer - House Beautiful, Good Homes, Country Homes & Interiors, Bella, Daily Express - alongside her At Home with Linda Barker magazine; and her seven books have sold over 2m copies. Her Really Linda Barker mail order catalogue is regularly sent to over 1/2m persons, with 50,000 monthly website visits and over 2m hits at Christmas – and a young market (over 50% below 44), with a bias to housewives of husbands with double the average income. Linda’s coverage includes advertising DFS sofas, a plethora of lectures and appearances (from NEC presentations to designing an Ideal Home Exhibition house), to judging competitions.


Linda has a well-established, widely-listed, fast-growing campaign in categories from china, cutlery and storage, to wallpaper, bedding, rugs, lighting, and baths. Linda is always excited to put her look together from scratch in a new product category.