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Nigel Hall Menswear started nearly 25 years ago on a small stall at Londonís Camden Market. 25 years on, he still works with many of the original fabric and yarn mills in Europe and in particular Italy, who they believe to be the world leaders in fabric design. The brand has grown across London with stores in Covent Garden, Soho, Islington, Spitalfields and a new store in Manchester.

The Nigel Hall Promise

The Nigel Hall Menswear collection has a strong, continental feel to it, thanks to the influence of the fabric and yarn mills they use, fused with their passion for vintage style, in particular the 50ís and 60ís. He pays particular attention to the English way of dressing, with influences coming from all eras. Dapper generations of gents have inspired the vintage style adopted by guys on the streets of today. This is the Nigel Hall style. The Nigel Hall Promise is Ďto create a line of modern menswear using the best in design, luxury fabrics and expert manufacturing; our attention to detail completes the picture.í


Select opportunities exist for quality licensees and retailers. Please contact us to discuss in detail.