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Inspiring, Credible, Eco-friendly, Sustainable

WWF is well-known for its pioneering work to save and protect iconic wildlife and their habitats

Inspired by the natural world and living in harmony with nature, it has a leading role in championing eco-friendly and sustainable products, which reduce the impact on the environment.

WWF supports the consumer’s desire to live a greener lifestyle through exciting eco alternatives.


WWF is the world’s leading environmental organisation with 98% global recognition, working in more than 100 countries with 5 million supporters. It’s 16th in the top 20 most desirable brands in the UK in 2013 – the achievement of a charity with products that make people’s lives better.


WWF’s licensing programme is for the UK and Eire. Its visibility is rapidly increasing across a wide range of sectors including energy saving devices and home-ware, fashion apparel and accessories, beauty products, greeting cards, books and kids’ magazines, toys and wooden games. Its online shop displays many licensed products and communicates regularly to over 250,000 loyal UK supporters.